5 Areas to Focus on for Your New Bathroom Sheffield

Sheffield bathroom fittersUpgrading your existing bathroom can be an extremely fulfilling process. Tired decor, broken units and poor optimisation of space are just 3 of the things that may require your attention; and we at Pryor Plumbing are perfectly-placed to help.

Assisting with everything from minor upgrades through to full re-fits; we always tailor each project we work on to best suit the available budget. We look to deliver long-term satisfaction and achieve this by working closely with the client in question throughout an installation.

To get an idea of where you could start, we’ve taken a look at 5 common features that could hold unlocked potential for you within your own bathroom in Sheffield. You don’t necessarily need to look at all of these areas - just select the ones that interest you most.


Depending on the space you have available to you, it may be possible to incorporate a separate shower and a bath within any new bathroom design. If not, then you may need to marry both together within one space; or even just select one option. Our experts here at Pryor Plumbing will be able to advise you on how the best way to move forward.


The decor of the walls within your bathroom will play a bit part in how it’s received upon completion. If the rest of your bathroom is looking like it’s desperately in need of some changes then there’s a good chance that the walls will be too. Peeling wallpaper and a desire to incorporate features such as tiling are ways in which we can help you fix it.


The flooring of your bathroom is a great place to focus your energy when it comes to making changes. There are so many possibilities with regards to what you can actually do; and it can be highly-satisfying to watch the floor complete a project. Tiling, laminate and wooden choices are always great options.


There are probably more options than you think when it comes to your sink unit. Features with built in storage, units with mirrors and striking contemporary designs are some suggestions for the direction in which you can go. The possibilities with relation to materials and style are endless.


A cluttered bathroom goes against the whole idea of the space. A bathroom should help you relax, rather than being a source of stress; and through creating space and integrating carefully-designed storage units you can start to tackle the problem and get back to enjoying your bathroom as it was meant to be.

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