5 Contemporary Features Our Bathroom Suppliers Can Provide

5 Contemporary Features Our Bathroom Suppliers Can ProvideWhen it comes to modernising your home, your bathroom is always a great place to start. It holds so much unlocked potential in terms of contemporary design; and always provides a great starting point for those looking to implement effective changes within their home.

For an idea of how best to proceed with any work, we at Pryor Plumbing are ideally-placed to help. As extensively-experienced and established bathroom suppliers in Sheffield, we’ve built up an excellent reputation in the area. With that in mind, we’ve taken a detailed look into 5 areas of your own bathroom that could be great places to focus your energy for modernisation.

Walk-in Showers

With us, there are a huge range of shower enclosures for you to choose from. A glass surround walk-in shower with striking, straight edges is just one of the many ways you can bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Or, if you’d prefer your new bathroom to be less angular, you can choose an aesthetically-curved design instead. Whatever your requirements, we can help.

Wood and Ceramic Wash Basins

Our bathroom installers can provide you with a number of different options when it comes to the wash basin that you require for your updated bathroom too. With pieces finished in everything from oak to white gloss – and extra incorporated storage to boot – you’re sure to be impressed by the options available to you with our ranges at Pryor Plumbing.

Luxury Bath Units

A beautiful bath can act as a wonderful focal point for your newly-renovated bathroom. The larger the space you have available, the more scope you have to upgrade; but no matter the constraints there are always ways to improve. With Roca, Carronite and other reinforced ceramic designs, the choice with our bathroom suppliers is significant.

Slim line Vanity Units from Bathroom Suppliers

Designed to help add an extra level of storage to your bathroom, vanity units have rapidly increased in popularity over the last few years. Homeowners are always looking for ways to save space; and with these features it becomes entirely possible – without you having to sacrifice your belongings. By combining the traditional sink with a cupboard underneath, you’ll find that a vanity unit opens up extremely welcome space within your new bathroom to store them in.

Metal Corner Baskets

Even if you only have a small budget available to you, there are upgrades you can make to your bathroom that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With little decorative features you may be able to make more difference than you think. Stylishly-designed baskets and soap dispensers are just two examples of these.

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