Boiler Fitters in Sheffield

Boiler fitters SheffieldWhen it comes to central heating and boiler installation Sheffield, we’re perfectly placed to help. All boilers in the UK must now be condensing - since they generate more energy from the fuel they use – and we have a number of appropriate options available to you. Through our system, heat only and combi boilers; our central heating installation team are sure to leave you feeling highly satisfied.




Combi Boiler Installation

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Combi boilers are currently the most popular choice of central heating installation in the UK. They are particularly economical for smaller households, as they only heat the water which they use. Further to this, they’re also a great space saving solution; as they erase the need for a separate cold water tank and hot water cylinder.

The positive impact they have on your carbon footprint is admirably beneficial. Wherever possible, we only fit A-rated energy efficient boilers; which run at over 90% efficiency. This means that less CO2 is released into the atmosphere in comparison with older models - hence the boost to the environment.

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Regular/Heat Only Boiler Installation

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Unless your heating system is particularly old, a heat only boiler installation provides the most cost-effective way to install an A-rated energy efficient boiler in your home. Relying on a boiler that works in conjunction with tanks and a cylinder, a regular model enables you to heat water in advance and use multiple taps simultaneously.

Saving you money on your energy bills and ensuring greater comfort in your home, a new conventional boiler Sheffield from the Pryor Plumbing & Heating team could be the ideal central heating installation for you. Perfectly placed to suit larger families, these boilers are similar to traditional models in design.

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System Boilers Installation

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A system boiler is a pressurised central heating system that bears similarities to a conventional central heating installation. The primary difference is that it incorporates parts of the conventional design inside the actual boiler; meaning that that heating installation is a simpler, space-saving alternative in comparison.

Although these boilers are used in conjunction with a hot water cylinder, they are pressurised to reduce the risk of air locks. In turn, this makes the system both more balanced and more efficient. System boilers are ideal for large houses where more than one bath or shower is likely to be used at the same time.

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New Boiler Sheffield

If you need a new boiler in Sheffield, look no further than our team at Pryor Plumbing & Heating. All of our boiler fitters are highly-skilled engineers who are sure to satisfy you with their impressive workmanship.

We understand the importance people place on choosing a reputable company. Each of our staff are trustworthy and will take every care to leave your property exactly as it was found after they carry out any central heating installation work at your home. To find out more about any of our services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.