Powerflush Central Heating & Radiator Flush

Radiator and central heating powerflushingA radiator power flush presents a chemically-enhanced way to thoroughly clean your central heating system and radiators. Over time, the build-up of unwanted debris is likely to make radiator cleaning a necessity.

Sludge in your central heating system causes cold spots to form on your radiators; subsequently reducing the efficiency of your boiler. A powerflush from Pryor Plumbing & Heating will return your central heating system to the state it should be running in; without the mess of removing every radiator in your home.

When Might Your Property Need a Central Heating Power Flush?

There are a number of indicators that your property may require a central heating power flush. If you’ve experienced issues related to one or more of the following problems, then please call us for a radiator cleaning estimate for your home in Sheffield:

  • Central heating system appears to be warming up more slowly than usual
  • Warm water in the header tank
  • Central heating system is experiencing repeated pump failure
  • Radiators require frequent bleeding
  • Radiators have started to pin hole and leak
  • Water in radiators is dirty and discoloured
  • The boiler is making kettle-like noises
  • Radiators are either partially or completely cold

Central Heating Flush Suitable for Variety of Properties

Properties with central heating systems over 15 years old will most likely consist of an ‘open vented’ system; which involves a boiler tank(s) and cylinder. These designs will very often be open to the atmosphere; which will mean the expansion tank could allow in dust, insects and spores into the water.

In conjunction with a low dose of central heating protector this will mean a build up of sludge; which will be causing circulation problems, component failure and burst radiators. If this or another existing heating system is being connected to a new boiler at your home in Sheffield; a radiator power flush is perfectly-placed to help.

Power flushing your central heating will fully-cleanse it so that it meets the requirements for full boiler protection, freedom from noise and fuel economy. All this will ensure that you reap the benefits of a properly running system that will save you money on your energy bills. This is also in compliance with a British Standard 7593 requirement.

A Variety of Central Heating Services Sheffield

To speak to a member of our team about a central heating power flush please contact us today. We can advise you on the best course of action to get your property back to running in optimum condition. We also offer competitive pricing and a guarantee on all of our work.