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Combi boiler installers Sheffield








As the UK’s most popular type of central heating installation, combi boilers come with a number of benefits attached to them. Highly economical and designed to be environmentally-friendly, they are most commonly implemented within smaller households across the country.

 They heat the water you require directly through your mains supply, making them the most viable option for less populated homes. Combi boilers are ideally-suited to properties with only one bathroom and can provide hot water on demand.

Space Saving Solution

One of the reasons why combi boilers match so well to smaller households is that they provide a space saving solution to boiler installation Sheffield. When you don’t have an abundance of spare room in your home, the last thing that you need is both a cold water tank and hot water cylinder. The combi boiler combines both of these together to halve the space require for your new boiler Sheffield.

The Financial Benefits of a New Combi Boiler Sheffield

Combi boilers only heat the water that they use; so they are a highly-economical central heating option for your home. When you reside within a smaller property, you’re unlikely to need to store hot water; as there are less people that will need to use a tank at once. In this sense, other systems that heat up larger tanks of water would simply see your money go to waste on a supply that you ultimately don’t need.

The Environmental Benefits of Combi Boiler Installation Sheffield

Our combi boilers here at Pryor Plumbing & Heating are also designed to minimise your home’s carbon footprint once your boiler installation in Sheffield has been completed. We consistently aim to install only A-rated energy efficient boilers which typically run at over 90% efficiency. As a result of this, the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is significantly less alongside older comparable systems.

Heating Installation Experts

Our team at Pryor Plumbing & Heating are the industry leading suppliers of heating installation Sheffield. The combination of our excellent customer service and ability to innovative in the field has led to us expanding our impressive client base in the area. These standards are particularly relevant when it comes to our combi boiler systems, which are sure to satisfy.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how one of our combi boilers could work for you and your home, why not give us a call today?