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System boiler installers Sheffield








A system boiler is a pressurised type of central heating that bears similarities to a regular boiler design; but it’s better suited to those looking to save space. This is because it incorporates elements of heat only conventional central heating inside the actual boiler; making it comparably lesser in size.

Installation is quicker and easier as a result, making this an attractive proposition for a new boiler in Sheffield. These boilers are still used in conjunction with a hot water cylinder; but they’re pressurised to reduce the risk of air locks. This helps to make a system boiler installation more efficient and balanced.

Boiler Installation for Larger Households in Sheffield

In a similar way to heat only models, system boilers are well suited to larger households. This is because they store hot water for when it’s required; which is ideal when more than one bath or shower is set to be used at the same time as another. This will often be the case when the household is occupied by a larger family.

As well as permitting heated water storage, a new system boiler will also allow you to run taps simultaneously without a reduction in pressure – with the water remaining consistently hot for all the taps being used. The water you require will be pumped directly from your system boiler around your hot water tank and radiator system; which results in faster response times and a reduction in subsequent running costs.  

With a system boiler installation in Sheffield, there is also often no need for an expansion tank or cold water tank to be installed. This is an advantageous for those wanting to keep loft space free for extra storage room - particularly useful for those who need access to all the space they can get.

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