Wet Underfloor Heating installation

underfloor heating installers in SheffieldUnder floor heating is ideal for rooms that don’t have enough spare wall area for radiators e.g. bathrooms, conservatories and kitchens or just for the fact that you don’t want to see radiators in certain rooms.

Under floor heating can be either run off an existing gas central heating system or an electrical system and can be either background heat, just to keep the floor warm and take off the chill or primary heating to warm the whole room to a comfortable temperature.

Pryor Plumbing and Heating Limited install and maintain both systems.

What is the difference with under floor heating?

Obviously instead of radiators heating your homes, it's the floors that are warm.  It's achieved by piping the hot water from the boiler through new flexible piping underneath your home's flooring, creating an even 'radiant' heat.  And naturally, it feels cosy underfoot on a cold winter's morning.

What is radiant heating?

When you use a radiator system that is 'convective' heat - you and your family feel warm because the air has been warmed.  'Radiant' heat is different, instead of heating the air; it warms you and your furniture directly.  Rather than the room feeling very hot next to the radiator and cool on the other side, radiant heating is very even because it is you that is being heated - you are walking and sitting next to the source.

Interestingly, because it heats people, the water doesn't have to be as warm as that in a radiator. You'll know this from touching a radiator - the heat needed to warm a room leaves a radiator too hot to keep your hand on.  Yet you could keep quite warm if you kept your hand on a radiator on a low setting.  That's the difference between heating directly and indirectly.

It is allergy-free (there is no moving air); safe for children, and pleasant (the air is not dried).